Why Pyramids

Why Pyramids

What's so special about Pyramid Tea Bags?


Pyramids have three main advantages over traditional tea bags:

1) The unique weighing and packing system used on the Fuso machine allows large leaf teas to be used as well as whole herbs and spices, unlike ordinary tea bag teas which are very fine-leaved. This makes for better quality traditional teas and infusions.

2) The large pyramid shape allows tea to brew more effectively as the leaves have room to expand and the hot water can better circulate within the bag.

3) They use either nylon or bio-degradable corn starch gauze as a packing medium. This fine mesh allows the true flavour of the tea or infusion to shine through as the brewed liquor can freely pass through the material.


Fundamentally, Drury pyramid tea bags offer all the fine flavours and qualities of leaf tea with the unarguable convenience of tea bags.


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