Pyramids for Caterers

Pyramids for Caterers



We supply pyramids to many fine-dining restaurants who want to offer something special to their diners after a sumptuous meal, and hotels who want to serve the very best for afternoon tea.


We also now produce pyramid tea bags in envelopes which are ideal for hotel rooms. The quality of these suppasses the standard serving which is in most hotel rooms.


Coffee Shops / Cafes / Tea Houses


With increasing competition on the High Street why not differentiate yourself by offering a real quality alternative to a run-of-the-mill tea bag? In fact, many of our customers serve pyramid bags alongside our traditional English Breakfast bags, and whilst they do cost more than the standard, they also attract a premium price from consumers.


For foodservice applications the tea bags are also available in easy serve boxes of one hundred to maximise economy, and they come packed in a resealable polythene bag to help keep them as fresh as possible.


Airtight Storage Jars


why not store your New Drury speciality pyramid tea bags in one of our airtight acrylic storage jars.


Purchase 2 x 100 Pyramid tea bgas and get a jar for that blend free of charge.
This applies for initial orders only for each blend.


Storage Jars



Drury pyramids work wherever you want great quality leaf tea with the convenience of tea bags



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