Green White & Oolong Teas

Green White & Oolong Teas

Green Teas


Unlike black tea, green tea is not allowed to oxidise at all and the leaves are fired or steamed shortly after plucking to prevent any fermentation. This produces teas that are generally much lighter and more delicate than black teas.


With many reported health benefits, green teas are becoming more and more popular and we will be expanding our range or green pyramid tea bags in the near future.


Green teas should be brewed with hot, but not boiling, water, 80-85 degrees Centigrade is ideal. These teas should always be drunk without milk to appreciate their fine, delicate flavours.



White Teas


Made from the Narcissus variety of Camelia Sinensis, the tea buds are plucked by hand before they have been allowed to open and whilst they still have their white down hair. The leaves are carefully sorted prior to drying so that only perfect and undamaged leaves are used. Once sorted they are laid out in the sun to dry and wither 

naturally. This process allows for no oxidisation whatsoever and produces a very light and delicately liquoring tea.

As with green and oolong teas, white tea should be brewed with water off the boil at approximately 80 degrees Centigrade.



Oolong Teas


Where black teas are fully fermented and green not at all, oolong teas are semi-fermented (oxidised) which results in fine flavoured tea with some of the characteristics of both.

However, like green and white teas, oolongs should be brewed with water off the boil and generally (not always!) should be consumed without milk.




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